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Garmin GDR E560 高画质广角车载摄像机 中文版
Garmin GDR E560 高画质广角车载摄像机 中文版
Garmin GDR E560 高画质广角车载摄像机 中文版
Garmin GDR E560 高画质广角车载摄像机 中文版
Garmin GDR E560 高画质广角车载摄像机 中文版
Garmin GDR E560 高画质广角车载摄像机 中文版

Garmin GDR E560 高画质广角车载摄像机 中文版

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  • 高画质广角车载摄像机

    • 仅相当于一个火柴盒大小,不阻挡视线。
    • 可拍摄1440p视频,370万像素静态照片,在低亮度情况下也可清晰拍摄。
    • 包含前车车距警示、车道偏离警示、限速摄像头提示等多种驾驶辅助功能。
    • 内置GPS,并包含自动事故侦测功能,自动保存事故影像及事故发生的时间和地点。
    • 语音声控功能,让您可以通过语音进行保存影像、拍照、开启/关闭Travelapse旅程录影等操作。


    您可以通过语言操控设备,让您的双手时刻紧握方向盘。说“OK Garmin”开启语音声控功能,然后您可以通过“存档”、“拍照”、“静音”、“旅程录影”、“收音”、“停拍”等指令,来保存视频、拍照、开启/关闭Travelapse旅程录影等。

    1440P HDR视频录制

    GDR E560拥有2英寸显示屏的高画质行车记录仪,搭载广角镜头,可以记录行车过程中的实时影像。内置GPS,在记录行车影像时,会同时记录行驶的轨迹与时间。可拍摄1440P高清画质视频,在弱光情况下也清晰可见。包含循环录影功能,会循环不间断录制视频。您也可以通过使用更大容量的SD卡,来扩展设备内存(需要10级以上高速存储卡,最多支持64G)。您可以直接在设备上或通过电脑回看视频。



    GDR E560会在接通电源时自动开启,在电源断开后自动关闭,并在侦测到事故时自动保存影像。无需担心忘记开启或关闭设备。

    在记录您的行车影像时,GDR E560会同时记录您的行车轨迹。当您在电脑上查看相应的片段时,您的行驶轨迹、行驶时间、日期、速度都会同时显示出来。

    通过内置的G-Sensor传感器,GDR E560可自动侦测事故,并会自动保存事故发生前后的影像。所有的资料都会被保存在SD卡中(需10级及以上高速存储卡)。

    您可以将GDR E560拿出车中,并拍摄静态照片,来记录车辆损坏等事故细节。

    Travelapse 旅程录影



    GDR E560内置Wi-Fi,可直接将设备中的视频同步至VIRB手机app,并通过手机查看、保存及分享视频。


    GDR E560包含多种驾驶辅助功能,来帮助您进行更安全的驾驶。当您与前方车辆距离过近时,设备会发出前车车距警示,来提醒您保持车距。当您的车辆压住了实线,或压住虚线5秒以上,设备会发出车道偏离警示。此外,GDR E560还包括限速摄像头提示功能,让您远离罚单。另外,内置前车移动提醒功能,在堵车或红灯等情况下,当前方车辆已经开始移动,而您依然停留在原地时,设备会发出提醒。







    High-definition wide-angle car camera

    • It is only the size of a matchbox and does not block the line of sight.
    • It can shoot 1440p video, 3.7 million pixel still photos, and can be shot clearly in low brightness.
    • It includes a variety of driving assistance functions such as front car distance warning, lane departure warning, and speed limit camera prompt.
    • Built-in GPS and automatic accident detection to automatically save accident images and when and where the accident occurred.
    • Voice voice control allows you to save images, take photos, turn on/off Travelapse journey recordings, and more.

    Voice Control

    You can control your device in language so your hands can grip the steering wheel at all times. Say “OK Garmin” to enable voice voice control, then you can save videos, take photos, turn on/by “Archive”, “Photo”, “Mute”, “Journey Recording”, “Radio”, “Stop” and other commands. Close the Travelapse journey video and more.

    1440P HDR Video Recording

    The GDR E560 features a high-quality driving recorder with a 2-inch display and a wide-angle lens to record real-time images during driving.Built-in GPS, when recording driving images, will record the trajectory and time of the driving. It can shoot 1440P HD quality video, which is also clearly visible in low light conditions. Including the loop recording function, the video will be recorded continuously without interruption. You can also expand your device's memory by using a larger capacity SD card (requires 10 or higher speed memory cards, up to 64G). You can watch the video directly on your device or through your computer.

    Your Faithful Witness

    The GDR E560 automatically turns on when the power is turned on, automatically turns off when the power is turned off, and automatically saves the image when an accident is detected. No need to worry about forgetting to turn the device on or off.

    When recording your driving images, the GDR E560 records your driving trajectory at the same time. When you view the corresponding clip on your computer, your driving track, driving time, date, and speed will be displayed at the same time.

    With the built-in G-Sensor sensor, the GDR E560 automatically detects accidents and automatically saves images before and after the accident. All data will be saved on the SD card (requires 10 or higher speed memory cards).

    You can take the GDR E560 out of the car and take still photos to record details of the damage such as vehicle damage.

    Travelapse Journey Video

    With Travelapse's journey recording feature, you can condense hours of journey images into a few minutes of video. The device automatically captures the journey picture based on the speed of the car and creates a short video that is easy to share and watch.

    Wi-Fi sync upload

    The GDR E560 has built-in Wi-Fi to sync videos from your device to the VIRB phone app and view, save and share videos from your phone.

    Upgraded Driver Assistance

    The GDR E560 includes a variety of driver assistance features to help you drive safer. When you are too close to the vehicle in front, the device will issue a warning of the front vehicle distance to remind you to keep the distance. When your vehicle is pressed against the solid line or pressed against the dotted line for more than 5 seconds, the device will issue a lane departure warning. In addition, the GDR E560 includes a speed limit camera alert feature that keeps you away from tickets. In addition, the built-in front vehicle movement reminder function, in the case of traffic jam or red light, the current vehicle has started to move, and when you are still in place, the device will give a reminder.

    Parking video

    Parking video can monitor and save images during parking. When the vehicle is shaken, the device will automatically save the image (you need to purchase a dedicated power cable for parking video).

    To avoid data loss or insufficient power supply, please use the Micro-USB power cord supplied with the factory.

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