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We carry products for a smarter lifestyle
[Demo Unit]VIRB Elite Dark

[Demo Unit]VIRB Elite Dark

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The dark VIRB Elite Action Camera with Wi-Fi and GPS from Garmin is designed for just about any user looking for a water-resistant camera and options allowing it to be mounted just about anywhere. The elite version features GPS and Wi-Fi for connectivity with computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The camera can record video at up to 1080p and can take up to 16 MP still photos; and can even snap stills while filming. It can also create slow motion footage, captured at 120 fps in 848 x 480 resolution, has an interval mode for time-lapse video, and can shoot photo bursts lasting up to 10 seconds while in the 8 MP photo setting. A microSD memory card slot allows recording a total of roughly seven hours of 1080p video when using a 64GB microSDXC card. MicroSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC cards are all supported; Class 10 or faster cards are recommended for video recording.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Allow you to connect a smartphone, tablet, or computer to the VIRB Elite so that you can preview your shot, control camera settings, take a photo, or engage record START/STOP

GPS Tagging

VIRB Elite features GPS for data stamping and GPS-based "smart" recording profiles such as Skiing Mode, which automatically records your downhill runs but stops recording while you're getting hot cocoa or waiting in the lift line

1.4" Chroma Display

A built-in 1.4" full color LCD screen allows you to compose and monitor your shots without having to guess or rely on a bulky external monitor. The screen also allows you to view menu options and can be used for both video and photos. The screen remains on whenever the camera is in operation

High Definition Video and 16MP Stills

The VIRB can record Full HD (1920 x 1080) video at 30 fps; 720p (1280 x 720) video at up to 60 fps; and slow motion video at in 848 x 480 resolution (16:9 aspect ratio) at 120 fps. In addition to video, the camera can take still photos at up to 16 MP in 4:3 and at up to 12 MP in 16:9 mode

WideVü Lens

An integrated, 9-element glass lens features three angle-of-view modes:
  • Wide: For panoramic shots or action scenarios where you want to be sure you won't miss something because it happened out of frame. This mode will also appear to be most steady in cases where there is a lot of camera movement
  • Medium: For a slightly tighter perspective that still leaves some margin for error
  • Narrow: For tight shots; focusing the attention on a specific element in the scene

Time-Lapse and Photo Burst

The time-lapse video mode (interval recording) allows you to record video in intervals of 1/2, 1 , 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Photo burst allows you to shoot a brief, continuous stream of still images. The duration of the burst is: 3 seconds at 16 MP, 5 seconds at 12 MP, and 10 seconds at 8 MP

Up to Three Hours Battery Life

The included rechargeable 2000mAh lithium-ion battery can power the VIRB for up to three hours, depending on how it is used. The battery recharges by connecting the camera to a USB power source. In addition, the battery is removable so you can keep spares on hand for all day shooting

ANT+ Remote Compatibility

The ANT+ wireless interface allows various compatible Garmin devices to function as remote controls for the camera. Compatible products include: fēnix, Oregon, and Edge

Simultaneous Video and Photo Capture

It is possible to snap photos while recording video. Photos can be taken by pressing a button on an ANT+ compatible remote or using the camera itself

Digital Image Stabilization

Helps compensate for unwanted movement, such as vibration incurred when mounting the camera to a quadcopter, bicycle, or other moving vehicle. In addition, the Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) filter is applied to footage in camera to help counteract perceptible distortion, especially toward the edges of the frame, due to the nature of the VIRB's wide angle lens

VIRB Edit Editing Software

VIRB Edit is a free editing application that you can download from Garmin. In addition to editing, the software allows you to synchronize your footage with data recoded by Garmin Edge bicycle computers to add an additional dramatic element. Data that can be incorporated into your video includes heart-rate and bicycle speed cadence. Once your movie is finished you can share directly to popular social media websites such as YouTube and Facebook. Versions of VIRB Edit are available for Windows and OSX

Flexible Mounting

The VIRB includes hardware for permanently bonding the camera to flat and curved surfaces such as snowboards or surf boards and helmets. In addition, a range of optional Garmin mounts, sold separately, give you the ability to use the camera in just about any context you like. Options include: handlebar/tube mount, wearable chest harness, wrist strap, and car dashboard suction. The camera also includes an adapter for use with industry-standard third party mounts

Water-Resistant Design

Out of the box, the VIRB is water-resistant, and can safely be submerged to 3.3' for up to 30 seconds. For extended underwater shooting, the optional Dive Case, sold separately, allows the camera to be safely used as deep as 164'

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