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Noerden Sole Distributor in Hong Kong & Macau - Pure Performance Distribution Limited - (PPD)
[Demo Unit] GRVC 35 Wireless Backup Camera

[Demo Unit] GRVC 35 Wireless Backup Camera

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The GRVC 35 displays the reversing images via a wireless connection, displayed on a compatible Garmin Drive ™ series of GPS satellite navigation devices. Small lens module can be perfectly hidden in the license plate or other installation location, with IPX7 waterproof level can fully resist the rain attack; single GPS device can be compatible with up to four groups GRVC 35, reversing auxiliary guide line can also be adjusted to meet Taiwan vehicle installation requirements. Diagonal 160 degrees wide wide-angle photography range, to help users establish a clear view of the car, so that when the GRVC 35 reversing the right-hand man.



160 degrees ultra wide angle field of view, reversing more peace of mind             

Through the diagonal 160-degree wide-angle lens, significantly reduce the rear corner when reversing; with clip-type fixed seat, can be easily fixed above the license plate.


Wireless image transmission

Up to 13.5 meters wireless transmission distance, the vehicle rear screen directly displayed in a compatible navigation device. If the GRVC 35 power is connected to the reverse light, it will automatically switch to the reverse image when the vehicle enters the reverse gear.

* Image signal due to its wireless transmission characteristics, if the use of the environment filled with other wireless signals, switching images may cause some delay.


Reversing auxiliary guide line

Can be adjusted according to vehicle size reversing guide line position, red, yellow, green three-color guide line to help users more easily grasp the reversing distance.


Support multiple sets of photographic lens

A single Garmin Drive ™ satellite navigator can be paired with up to four GRVC 35s. You can install GRVC 35 on different vehicles or install multiple sets of different angles in the car to create a more complete reversing image that is more flexible to use The

* Garmin satellite navigation machine can only display a group of images, pairing multiple groups GRVC 35, according to the need to manually select the lens.


Lens waterproof high temperature, extreme weather does not strike

Camera lens and wireless signal transmitter are equipped with IPX7 waterproof rating, while supporting -20 ° ~ 70 ° C extreme operating temperature, regardless of winter heat, even if the wind and rain, GRVC 35 can also be stable transmission of reversing images.

* IPX7 representative provides underwater 1 meter, put on 30 minutes of water protection.

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