We carry products for smarter lifestyle
We carry products for smarter lifestyle

Earth Guardian Drawing Contest 2020


Alliance Française de Hong Kong (AFHK)
The 1  &  15 Aug 2020 workshops have been cancelled due to the new government restrictions for school activities.

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    With this competition we are hoping to promote environmental awareness and positive thinking for kids and teens amidst all the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought into their lives.

    ‎We are encouraging them to get thinking creatively with the theme of their drawing being : "How can we become guardians of our Earth by making smarter daily choices?"

    We are proud supporters of Plastic Free Seas, a Hong Kong based environmental charity. Plastic Free Seas will be speaking to the children about plastic pollution and what they can do to help their planet at the workshops of Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong.

    We are a company based in Hong Kong carrying products for a healthier, smarter and more eco-friendly lifestyle. We have partnered with Alliance Francaise de Hong Kong and French company, Noerden in organising this contest.

    We would love to encourage kids and teens to engage in this meaningful and creative adventure.


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    It is our hope to provide an opportunity for kids and teens to

    • Learn more about environmental pollution and its impact
    • Get creative in ways to make a small change in daily life to bring eco-friendliness
    • Communicate their ideas through art

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    Open To

    • 5 age groups: 4-6 / 7-9 / 10-12 / 13-15 / 16-18
    • Kids and teens in Hong Kong and Macau
    *Each contestant will receive a certificate of participation via email around mid-September.


    Entry Fee: FREE


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    Important Dates

    Register online on or before 24 August 2020

    Submission Period: 1 – 24 Aug 2020

    Workshops at Alliance Française de Hong Kong: 1  & 15 Aug 2020 (cancelled)

    Results Announcement: 1 Sep 2020 ( Please like Noerden Hong Kong Facebbook for contest updates )

    Prize Ceremony:  Extended to 19 Sep 2020 due to the pandemic situation


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    Sponsored by Noerden

    For each age group: 1st / 2nd/ 3rd / Merit Awards

    Each winner will receive a Noerden LIZ Smart Bottle and a certificate


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    1. Register online on or before 24 August 2020
    2. Draw on a A4 size canvas
    3. Submit artwork online ( Last day to submit 24 Aug 2020 )

    *Each contestant may submit one entry only



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    Entries will be judged based on

    • Adherence to the theme
    • Composition and design of the work
    • Originality


    Entries will be judged by representatives from

    • PPD
    • Alliance Française de Hong Kong
    • Noerden


    All judgements are final.

    Winners’ artworks will be featured on websites/newsletters of PPD and Noerden.


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    Phone: (852) 3568-3786

    Email: info@ppd.hk



    「地球守護者」繪畫比賽 2020

    因應政府疫情措施,原定於 2020年8月18月15日 舉行之工作坊已取消


    介紹 比賽目標 參加資格 重要日程
    獎項 參賽方法 評審 查詢

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    比賽主題為  「如何從日常生活中, 作出更明智的選擇, 當上地球守護者的一員?」 藉此鼓勵他們想想可以怎樣以一小步,為地球帶來一大步。


    PPD 一直以來支持「無塑海洋」- 香港的一個環保慈善組織。 而「無塑海洋」將會在香港法國文化協會所舉辦的相關工作坊上,向小朋友和青少年講解塑膠污染的問題,以及們可以如何為環保出一分力,共同守護地球。


    PPD 是一間香港公司,與香港法國文化協會和 Noerden 一間法國公司協辦是次比賽。




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    • 對環境污染和其影響有更深入的了解
    • 發揮創意,想想在日常生活中,他們可以怎樣以一小步,為地球帶來一大步
    • 透過藝術來傳達訊息


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    • 共分五個年齡組別: 4-6歲 / 7-9歲 / 10-12歲 / 13-15歲 / 16-18歲
    • 歡迎香港及澳門兒童與青少年參加



    參賽費用 全免


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    網上登記: 2020年8月24日或之前

    提交日期: 2020年8月1日至8月24日

    香港法國文化協會工作坊: 2020年8月1日 及 8月15日 (因應疫情已取消)

    結果公布日期: 2020年9月1日 (請 Like Noerden Hong Kong Facebook,留意比賽動向)

    頒獎禮: 因應疫情,現延至 2020年9月19日


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    獎品由法國公司 Noerden 贊助


    每位得獎者將獲得一個 Noerden LIZ 智能水樽及獎狀


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    1. 在2020年8月24日或之前進行網上登記
    2. 繪畫在 A4 大小的畫紙上
    3. 網上提交作品 ( 最後提交日期為 2020年8月24日 )



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    • 主題表達
    • 構圖設計、色彩運用
    • 原創性、創意及個人風格等



    • PPD 公司代表
    • 香港法國文化協會代表
    • Noerden 公司代表


    所有評判為最終決定 。

    優勝者的作品將在 PPD 和 Noerden 的網站上以及公司的新聞通訊中刊登。


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    電話: (852) 3568-3786

    電郵: info@ppd.hk

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