We carry products for smarter lifestyle
We carry products for smarter lifestyle

Aries Gold Demo Units

Demo Units On Sale

1. are used for commercial display purpose

2, free of charge warranty is not provided

3. and Aries Gold original box packing is not provided

4. return of good, exchange of good, refund of good do not apply for demo units.


Greatness lies at the core of our brand philosophy, dating back to 1908. The Jura Mountains, north of the Western Alps. Swiss mechanical engineer Wolfgang Widder had embarked on a solitary expedition, driven by ambition to go where few dared venture. Through sheer tenacity, he battled a snowstorm and set forth to create his legacy, beginning with a timepiece infused with his signature style and mechanical genius.

Aries Gold was born, with the prefix Aries, or Widder in German, serving as the astrological representation for perfection. The Gold suffix reinforced the esteemed virtues of class and innovation. Business was brisk, and after Widder passed on in 1943, it continued to flourish into the 1970s. Operations then shifted to Singapore, where a reputation for pioneering timekeeping equipment used in the shipping and aeronautics trades was built.


Since our inception, we have dedicated every single effort into perfecting what we term accessible luxury – a domain we aspire to define, and own. Every Aries Gold timepiece is emblematic of this ethos, where top-notch aesthetics and detailing need not come at top-end prices. This rings true especially for the Japanese and Swiss-manufactured movements we use, as well as the scratchproof sapphire glass housed within a good number of our robust, precise, and ergonomically viable watches.

After all, our commitment to value and quality extends to it being everlasting: sapphire-infused masterpieces that live for perpetuity, instead of just for the moment. Coupled with an unerring focus on cutting-edge engineering processes and product development overseen by master watchmakers, we continue to reinforce the very hallmarks of superior craftsmanship that
Wolfgang Widder espoused.



As with most things, accessible luxury dictates that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we provide embellishments for different milestones: luxurious looks for whenever, wherever. Because variety, as conventional wisdom proclaims, is the spice of life. To that end, Swiss-registered Aries Gold also boasts its own diverse global footprint, staking an established presence in 22 countries worldwide (including the USA, Australia and Europe), with greater expansion and advancements in the pipeline.

Our burgeoning presence has been built on the back of dedication to the finest customer experience, including professional international warranty services few can rival. Of course, we could not have come this far without a cohesive, Singapore-based management and design team inspired by the island’s rich cultural diversity and history – the driving force behind an authentic collective of inspirations built to last.

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