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紫外光會產生臭氧 (OZONE), 咁紫外光 (UV-C) 殺菌安全嗎?

紫外光會產生臭氧 (OZONE), 咁紫外光 (UV-C) 殺菌安全嗎?


Noerden LIZ 智能殺菌水樽以紫外光殺菌,但唔會產生臭氧;因為臭氧在紫外光波長 200nm以下才會產生,而LIZ嘅波長係278nm,所以殺菌後可以立即飲用!

Noerden LIZ智能殺菌水樽,有效殺菌99.9% !


Ozone is a sterilizing agent that has proved successful in destroying bacteria and viruses. Long-term exposures to ozone can be harmful to humans though. Symptoms may include eye irritation, coughing and wheezing. Not to worry. Ozone can decompose in about 60 minutes by combining with the oxygen molecules in the air. And only unhealthy levels of ozone concentrations would put us at great risk.

While Noerden LIZ smart water bottle sterilizes with UV-C light, it does not produce ozone. The ultraviolet wavelength with LIZ is 278nm (nanometer) but ozone is produced only with those under 200nm. So it is safe to drink from LIZ right after sterilization.

Noerden LIZ smart water bottle effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria!

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