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Health to Us and Earth

Health to Us and Earth

Happy 2020!

New year, but carrying on with good old values...

Because we were the sole distributor for Garmin in Hong Kong and Macau over the past decade, PPD has long been associated with GPS watches or devices for sports.

So our decision in distributing Noerden's LIZ Smart Bottles may seem like a surprising choice to some.

But actually... we are sticking to our core values.

PPD's founder Bruce Pye cares deeply about the environment. Back in October 2014, he swam around Lantau Island to raise money and awareness for Plastic Free Seas, a Hong Kong based environmental charity.

Along similar lines, Mr Pye finds Noerden's founder Christophe Cermolacce's ideology in developing technology products that help care for personal hygiene and use less plastic a close match with his.

With Noerden's LIZ Smart Bottle, you can drink bacteria-free clean water with its UV sterilization anywhere, anytime. Not only does it bring health to you, it also brings health to our planet Earth when you cut down on plastic waste.

To PPD, LIZ is an obvious choice!

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